Camp Care Packages: Get It Right the First Time!

Are you sending off your first camp care package? Read these simple happy camperstips to make sure your package is well received by both the camper and the camp!

  1. Double and triple check the camp’s address! Many camps have both winter and summer addresses. Remember that the UPS and FedEx address may be different from the USPS address. As someone who mails camp care packages to a variety of camps, I suggest using USPS Priority Mail for your letters and your packages. A recent restructuring has made the post office our #1 choice for sending packages.
  2. Many camps will want you to include your camper’s bunk or sinking canoecabin on the address label. Easy to do and the camp will appreciate it!
  3.  Plan an extra day or two for delivery within the camp! The camp may pick up the mail in the afternoon and not deliver to the campers until the following day. Oftentimes the camp will open the packages to check for contraband (really!). That could also add a day.
  4. Read the camp’s care package policy carefully! More and Frisbee, Velcro Catch game, nerd footballmore camps are altering their policies so even if you read it last year, check again! Common restrictions: one package per session, only USPS padded envelopes, as well as content restrictions.
  5. Respect the camp’s taboo list! Few camps allow food, electronics, fireworks (duh!) or anything shaped like a gun (including water pistols).
  6. Keep the packages small! Even if your child’s camp has no limits on number or size of care packages, remember that what you send must be stored in a cabin or tent and the packaging materials will need to be thrown out. Less is more!
  7. Include something the entire bunk might enjoy- Perhaps a game, puzzle or some embroidery floss for making friendship bracelets.
  8. Don’t forget get the gift message! Keep it short but sign your name!
  9. If camp care packages are prohibited, get creative! Send a funny postcard; include a joke or two in your letter.

Does your child’s camp have any care package restrictions? What are they? What are you planning on sending your camper this summer?

Congratulations on sending your child to camp! All three of my adult children have thanked me repeatedly (really, really, really!!!) for sending them to camp.

Mirth in a Box sells fun and unusual pre made camp care packages. Want to create your own custom care package? Oh boy, we have hundreds of items for you to choose from! Have fun!

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