Why Camp Care Packages Are Needed Now More Than Ever

friendship bracelet care packageCamp Care Packages are wonderful opportunities for parents to introduce new activities to their kids, to keep school skills sharp (oh so subtly!), and to teach their children about sharing and cooperation. Here’s how you can get an A+ from your child and your child’s camp!

Creating the perfect care package:portable sketch book and colored pencils

1.A small package with a few items once a week is plenty! Don’t overwhelm your child or the camp. Those big boxes take up lots of space!

2.Carefully chosen toys and games reinforce skills learned in school: cooperative play, math, verbal, fine and gross motor skills (card games, dice games, crosswords puzzle books, crafts, balls). Sneaky but game for summer campeffective! Don’t forget pencils and pads for score keeping!

3.Camp experiences are irreplaceable! Where else can one learn how to shoot an arrow, ride a horse, paddle a canoe, name wild flowers, build a campfire, spit a watermelon seed, or spend 10 hours a day playing soccer? But a child may need to wait an entire year to do those things again. Reading a book on a shady porch, sketching a sleeping friend, or playing games on a dreary day are activities that can be done at home!

4.Develop family traditions! My good friend Anne and her family spend vacations in Maine playing card games that her adult children learned years ago at summer camp. send origami kit to summer campEvery time the card decks come out, there is a lively retelling of camp adventures!

5.Sharing and cooperation build lasting friendships! Your shy child will need to ask someone to help make that Cat’s Cradle! Your social butterfly will love showing her friends how to play Uno!

So keep it small and thoughtful and occasional, but keep those camp packages coming!

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Happy Trails!

Do you agree that camps should allow care packages? Does your child’s camp allow care packages? What do you like to send?

Mirth in a Box is an online gift and care package company devoted to amusement, hilarity and merriment. Send someone a package from Mirth in a Box when the thought counts but the fun counts even more!


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