Farm Fresh Jokes

Picked just for you!

  • Why did the farmer give an award to the scarecrow? He was black and white cowoutstanding in his field!
  • Why don’t farmers pamper their cows? They would produce spoiled milk!
  • What does the farmer say to his cows when he is milking them? Udder-nonsense!
  • What did the farmer use to fix his jeans? A cabbage patch!american gothic
  • Why is a barn so noisy? All the cows have horns!
  • Why¬† did the farmer think his tractor was magical? It went down the road and turned in to a field!
  • What type of cereal do farmers hate? Weedies!
  • What kind of socks does a farmer wear? Garden hose!
  • Why did the cow jump over the moon? The farmer had cold hands!
  • Why did the pig take a bath? Because he heard the farmer said,”Hogwash!”

A farmer in the field with his cows counted 196 of them, but when he rounded them up he had 200.

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photo credit: <a href=””>mharrsch</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

photo credit: <a href=””>Freddy Enguix</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>

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