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Fruit Jokes: Sweet and Sour and Sassy

Pucker up! Why did the orange stop? Because, it ran outta juice. What did the green grape say to the purple grape? BREATHE! What did the grape say when he was pinched? Nothing, he gave a little wine. Why aren’t … Continue reading

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Quotes About April’s Birthstone, The Diamond!

I come from several generations of watchmakers and jewelers. Always a bit of a black sheep in my family, I write this with chipped fingernails, ringless fingers and plastic earrings in my ears. However, I do remember that April’s birthstone … Continue reading

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Flea Circus Owner Plagued by Low Attendance Figures

In retrospect he should have stuck with elephants. Itchy Scratchmore, proprietor of Flea Stooges Flea Spectacular, traded in his big top circus for a pint-sized pup tent. Tried of the fragrance of felines, the muck of monkeys and the creepiness … Continue reading

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