Executive Toys: All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy!

all work and no play makes jack a dull boyNeed a gift for a recent college graduate who might be having trouble adjusting to life in a cubicle? Why not create a work day care package to make his or her working life a little more fun? May we suggest the following practical yet playful items:

  • Mr Snot Water Bottle: We all know how important it is to stay hydrated!
  • Borrow My Pens: This set of 8 HILARIOUS pens must been read to be funny executive toyappreciated. If you get nothing else, get these!
  • Bull Shit Button: This perennial favorite is so necessary.
  • The Razzer: This old timer classic Bronx cheer devise is a perfect way to say,”You idea sucks” with with a smile!
  • Instant Excuse Ball: Missed a deadline? 20 solid excuses that might just work!
  • The Daily Mood:  47 modern emoticon answers to the age old question,”How are you doing today?” in a snazzy flip book.
  • Desk Top Corn Hole: Never grow up! This fine replication of the classic corn hole for the officebackyard game is a satisfying substitution for the real thing!
  • Calendar: It is not always easy to know what day it is! Writing checks are a thing of the past, watches are few and far between. A calendar is a necessity so make it fun!
  • A few other ideas: How about a back scratcher, or a pair of thick plastic nerd glasses, or some money tissues?

Mirth in a Box sells lots of good gifts that are funny! Create for own gift box bullshitor send one of our pre made care packages! Confused? Call us for suggestions at 203 292 9290 or the direct line to Gay Gasser 203 339 1799.

Wow! I love that typewriter! What a perfect picture for this post! Thanks, Swanksalot! Check out his Flickr photos!

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