Flea Circus Owner Plagued by Low Attendance Figures

In retrospect he should have stuck with elephants. Itchy Scratchmore, flea cannonproprietor of Flea Stooges Flea Spectacular, traded in his big top circus for a pint-sized pup tent. Tried of the fragrance of felines, the muck of monkeys and the creepiness of clowns, Mr Scratchmore decided to try his hand at a flea circus. Fleas were cheap to come by, easy to train and undemanding. Unfortunately, few people were charmed by The Flea Stooges tiny tentful of tricks.clown with boy on lap Not one to give up, Scratchmore tried to create some buzz by adding tapeworms and houseflies. The bleachers were still empty.

“This has sucked the life out of me.” Itchy bemoaned. “I’ve a call in to Jumbo.”

Jumbo could not be reached for comment.

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4 Responses to Flea Circus Owner Plagued by Low Attendance Figures

  1. Marilyn Miller says:

    He should have listened to his advisors, who told him the big money is in bed bugs these days.

  2. Linus Berglehurst says:


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