The Easter Bunny on Stereotypes of Rabbits in Popular Culture

The world’s most beloved bunny sat down with us for a heartfelt talk about some of theRabbit most hurtful and inaccurate generalizations about rabbits.

Mirth in a Box: Which rabbit stereotype to you find to be the most irksome?
Easter Bunny: That rabbits and hares are rodents. Ewwww. We are herbivorous, we have 4 incisors and we are cute…..unlike any beady-eyed, buck-toothed rodent I’ve ever seen. We are proud members of the order of lagomorph.

MiaB: OK. Got that. Does the phrase,”breed like a rabbit” offend you? 
EB: No. It is a compliment. A single rabbit can produce over 1,000 offspring throughout its life. I’d like to see Mickey Mouse top that!

MiaB: How many children do you have?
EB: Excuse me, May I use your calculator?

MiaB: Do they all have the same mother?Too Cute! A Bunny Rabbit!
 Now that is a rude question. Next!

MiaB: How do you fell about carrots?
EB: They are a fine addition to any meal but I do not eat them exclusively.

MiaB: I know you are busy in the springtime. What do you do in the off season?
EB: I work at I Hop.

MiaB: Who are some of your favorite rabbit celebrities?
EB: It’s hard not to like the wascaly wabbit, Bugs Bunny. I’ve always admired the White Rabbit from “Alice In Wonderland” for his punctuality. Brer Rabbit of “Songs of the South” was a real sharpie and the Energizer Bunny is a great guy in person.

MiaB: Who do you think does a discredit to your order?
EB: That neurotic and whiney fellow, Rabbit, in the Winnie the Poo books.

MiaB: One last question, how much do you get when you make a basket?
EB: Two points. Just like everybody else.

MiaB: I should have seen that coming. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Mr Bunny!
EB: Sure. It’s been nice gnawing you!

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  1. Marilyn Miller says:

    Wow, this post just hops right off the page!

  2. Kate Athens says:

    Shared the basketball joke with a few of my students – they thoroughly enjoyed it! : )

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