Tom Swifties: The Best Puns of All!

I completely forgot about my favorite type of pun, the Tom Swifty, until tom wswifties wordpalysomeone added a few more to an old blog post. Tom Swifties are a type of pun that can best be understood after reading a few:

  • “The gadget for changing channels is far away,” said Tom remotely.
  • “I’ll have some of that alcoholic cider,” said Tom hard pressed.
  • “I like modern painting,” Tom said abstractly.
  • “Mush!” Tom said huskily.
  • “Rod sure is a spoiled child,” Tom said sparely.
  • “It’s just gold leaf,” Tom said guiltily

Tom Swift book

  • “I have had too many children,” said Mary overbearingly.
  • “I see,” said Tom icily.
  • “I’ve never had an accident,” said Tom recklessly.
  • “I’m sick of changing clothes,”Tom said wearily.
  • “Nay!” Tom said hoarsely.
  • “I have no underwear,” Tom said expansively.

Still confused? Read the Wikipedia article here.

Check out Tom Swifties: Puns for the Punster, Tom Swifties: Wordplay Continued and “We Must Hurry,” Tom Said Swiftly: Tom Swifties for more puniness.

One can never have too many Tom Swifties. Please leave me some more in the comment section!

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2 Responses to Tom Swifties: The Best Puns of All!

  1. Marilyn Miller says:

    I love these!!!

    “I insist on naming the first male insect”, said Tom adamantly.

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