Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat

year of the sheepAccording to Chinese Astrology,tomorrow ushers in The Year of the Sheep (aka The Year of the Goat or The Year of the Ram). I’ve always been a sucker for Chinese food and get way too excited by those paper placemats that list the 12 animals of Chinese astrology.

I read up a bit on “sheep”. Those babies who will be born between Feb.19th, 2015 and Feb 7, 2016 will be amiable, easy to get along with and tend not to rock the boat. Herding instincts! Sheep’s lucky flowers are pansies, primroses and carnations. They’ll get along just fine with snakes and horses and will butt heads with tigers, dogs and rats. Their element is wood. Not sure what that means.

So I’m a fire monkey. Not surprisingly most of my friends are fire monkeys (we share a chinese new yearbirth year). Here’s a good Chinese Astrology site.  So what sign are you?

Mirth in a Box sells fun and unusual gift boxes for college students, campers and those friends who need to be cheered up!

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