Presidential Trivia: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

president washingtonHow many of these fun facts did you know?

  • George Washington was 6’3″ tall and weighed over 200 pounds.
  • George Washington did have rotten teeth. So rotten he had them al pulled out when he was in his late 50’s. The dentures, however, were made from iron with ivory and animal teeth. Ew.
  • George Washington loved ice cream. (Think this contributed to his gigantic proportions and bad teeth?)
  • George Washington was the only president to have never lived in Washington D.C.
  • Abraham Lincoln was no shrimp either! He is actually our tallest lincoln memorialpresident at 6’4″.
  • Abraham Lincoln was the first president to wear a beard.
  • Abraham Lincoln had his suits made by Brooks Brothers.
  • Abraham Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday.
  • Lincoln did not like to be called Abe. He wanted to be called by his last name.

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photo credit: Travis S. via photopin cc
photo credit: clairegren via photopin cc

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