10 Valentines Day Jokes for the Nerds in Your Life

Geek overdose!geek

  • Why did the geologist take his girlfriend to the quarry? He wanted to get a little boulder!
  • Why couldn’t the chemist trust her boyfriend the atom? Atoms make up everything!
  • What did the stimulus do to the neuron after they got married? Carried it over the threshold!
  • What did the explorer say to his mate? I’m lost without you!
  • What did the chemist say to his Valentine date? I got my ion you!
  • What did the astronaut say to his Martian girlfriend? You are out of this world! 
  • Why did the chemist think his girlfriend was  made of copper and tellurium? She was CuTe!
  • Did you hear the one about the geologist? He took his wife for granite so she left!
  • What did the chemist say to her lover? I think of you periodically!
  • Why did the chemist think his lab partner was made of nickel, cerium, arsenic, and sulfur? Because she  had a NiCe AsS!

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  1. Brian says:

    Is it bad that every time I see references to the periodic table, all I can think of is Breaking Bad? 🙂

  2. Marilyn Miller says:


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