An Odd Lot of Old Timey Valentines Day Cards

Valentine with axeGee. Nothing like weapons to give a girl goosebumps. vintage valentine with rope and gunWhat do you think about these old Valentines Day cards? Check out the first one on the left with a little boy holding an axe saying,“Chop! Chop! You Will Be Mine!” I say, “No thanks, buddy! You’re 100% creepy!”

To the right we have a cowboy/puppy dog  with a rope and a gun saying,“I’m Looking for a Partner!” Bet he goes home alone on Valentines Day!

vintage valentine cardThis next card looks like it’s from the early 70’s. We’ve got a school yard tough guy with a valentine don'tmess aroundslingshot (not deadly,but still threatening) saying,“Don’t Mess Around With Me, Valentine!” Next!

The old valentine to the left has nothing more sinister than a blue bird on it but the message conveys creepiness,“I’d Like to ‘Land’ You”. Not sure how to interpret that. If I got any of these Valentines Day cards when I was single, I’d go to my room and hide! Ooops! Then I might end up with a card something valentine dont hide from melike this last one,“Don’t Hide From Me, Valentine!”

Does anyone still trade Valentines Day cards at school any more? Are they as loaded with threats and double meanings as these old cards?

More coming next week! Got any to add?

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4 Responses to An Odd Lot of Old Timey Valentines Day Cards

  1. Arline says:

    Funny! creepy! But over the heads of little kids, for sure. Unfortunately, I bet some dirty old men or women designing these valentines had a laugh!

  2. Matt Baier says:

    Timely offerings, as always!

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