Hold Your Nose! Truly Cheesy Valentines Day Jokes

We’re fondue puns. Did we miss any?vintage valentine

  • What did the piece of Swiss cheese say to the block of cheddar? You’re looking sharp!
  • What did the provolone say to his Dutch friend? You’re looking Gouda!
  • What did the Rouquefort say to  he piece of cheese? Let’s Brie lovers!
  • Where did the cheese stay for their honeymoon? The Stilton!
  • Which cheese is beloved by cannibals everywhere? Limburger!
  • What did the Dorito say to the Frito on Valentine’s Day? I’m Nacho type!
  • What did Parmesan say to the piece of kitchen equipment that sent her a dozen roses? You’re grate!

Warned you!

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