New Year’s Resolutions of an Optimist

These are not cut and pasted from last year’s resolutions!new years resolutions

The following goals have eluded me for years. They aren’t life changing but, hey, they’ll make my life better if I actually accomplish them! What are your resolutions?

1. Figure out how to use the new TV remote …. so I can watch and record whenever son one (Alex) is on past my bed time.
2. Make a list of all the books I want to read…so when I finish a book I’m not scrambling to for a quick, trashy fix.
3. Find my heart rate monitor (and wear it)….so when I work out I have some clue what type of work out I am doing…so I can get better.
4. Buy a new work out journal…so I can track my massive improvements and pat myself on the back in December 2015.
5. Dump junk from attic and basement… so I can move slightly better junk from storage facility to attic and basement so I can save the 300.00/month storage fee.

Yeah, yeah. Seem easy but if I can tick these off my ‘To Do” list for 2015, I’ll be way ahead next January! Have you ever accomplished any of your New Year’s Resolutions? Which ones? And which ones make your list year after year?

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  1. College Freshman says:

    I can work a tv remote!

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