Holiday Shopping in One Day! Possible?

Is it really possible to get all your holiday shopping done in one day? Eh! christmas giftsI’m going to try. Here’s my plan:

1. Eat hearty breakfast and drink one pot of coffee while attending to step two.
2. Make list! Do not forget all those thank you gifts for dog walker, mailman, coaches. Sometimes cash will work…so I write down who gets cash and make sure I have cards for the money. FYI I create an excel spreadsheet.
3. Refill coffee cup, put on Christmas Music and log on to computer. Go to Pinterest for ideas.
snow angels4. I make a fire in the fireplace and start shopping on line. I tick off one person after another. One hour goes by.
5. I remember to buy wrapping paper, scotch tape, Christmas cards…all on line!
6. I call up a friend and go out to lunch. During lunch I boast that I have finished Christmas shopping.
7. Upon arriving home I realize that I forgot to put out the fire. House has not burned down so no harm, no foul. I make a pot of soup for dinner and begin snacking.
8. Snow begins to fall. I go out and make snow angles (well…maybe).

Chances of this actually happening? Maybe 5-1, but it is worth a shot!
Here’s what I would save by shopping online: gas, parking costs, wear and tear on car, tons of time, wear and tear on body, wear and tear on soul.

Here’s where I do most of my online Christmas shopping: Etsy, Amazon (grrrrr),, Current (wrapping paper), Ellen Hovenkamp’s website (for gorgeous gift cards), (for the gardeners in my life), Goatboy Soaps (All my kids love this soap), Mountain Mama of Maine (I’ll get lip balm for the kids and ‘Mimi’s Amazing Magic’ for me!).

3 questions for you:
1. Think I’ll be able to get everything done in one day?
2. Got any great pointers for me?
3. Please let me know some good websites to get unusual gifts for my hard-to-buy-for family members!

Mirth in a Box is a great place to find fun stocking stuffers and unique teacher gifts! I really do get most of the Christmas stocking gifts here (though I need to rely on the new products!).

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3 Responses to Holiday Shopping in One Day! Possible?

  1. Marilyn Miller says:

    It’s definitely possible! I am knitting a great deal of my holiday gifts this year, so I have been at it for months, but the things that I buy online, I pretty much get done in one day. Of course, I prefer to do my Mirth in a Box shopping with you in person, Gay!

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