The Ghosts of Varenna, Italy

Great Ceasar’s Ghost! OK. Not really, but at the Castello di Vezio in Castello di Vezio, lake comòVarenna, Italy there are almost a dozen life-sized ghosts hanging around the castle. These ghosts are made every spring from gauze covered with a chalk mixture (hey, that’s what the brochure said!). Then the cloth is draped over cooperative tourists who stay very still for about 20 minutes. The dried casting is carefully removed and placed somewhere in the castle ruins. So great Aunt Silvia’s ghost!

Castle ghostsI really wanted to know how to make these creepy castings but could not find a ‘recipe’ anywhere (Yes, yes. I used Google!). I did find these 2 How-To’s:

1. From Bon Ami a liquid starch and cheese cloth ghost. For decoration only.

2. The DIY Network has nicely detailed instructions on how to make lifelike ghosts using chicken wire, mannequin heads and fabric.

Sadly, neither of these use tourists for the form but where would I find tourists in Fairfield, CT anyway?

Anyone out there know how to make chalk and cheese cloth ghosts?

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