Get an A+ in Study Posture!

bad study positions

No! No! No!

Improper posture for prolonged periods of time while studying (or playing video games!) can cause a host of physiological problems including neck & back pain, brain fog, heart disease, varicose veins and even increased insulin levels.

proper_ergonomicsTips for improving your posture while studying:

  1. Get off the couch – Slumping over your computer while on the couch or futon causes unnecessary stress on your spine. Unstable surfaces like couch cushions don’t provide the proper support for your pelvis.
  2. Use the rule of 90/90 – While sitting at a table or desk, you should sit with your knees at a 90 degree angle, and your hips at a 90 degree angle. Using an exercise ball instead of a chair can help encourage this position, while simultaneously working on your core – also perfect for helping to prevent the dreaded freshman 15!


    No way!!!!

  3. Sit up straight – your shoulders should be pushed back and directly over those hips. Your ears should line up directly over your shoulders.
  4. Check your computer screen height – If you’re using a computer, the screen should be about an arm’s length in front of you at eye level. If you’re reading from a book and taking notes, prop up the book on a stand so you’re not constantly looking down.

Bonus tip: Take breaks at least once every hour! Get up and take a walk around your dorm or the library – it’s a great way to stay focused longer AND meet some new friends! There are some great computer and phone apps that remind you to take breaks like Stand Up!   or StandApp

Dr Cristina Poulos is a chiropractor at Stamford Balance in Stamford, CT. Gee thanks for these great tips! Think I need to get out of some of these positions too!

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6 Responses to Get an A+ in Study Posture!

  1. College Freshman says:

    I love meeting new friends when taking study breaks!

  2. Matt Baier says:

    Taking breaks might be the most important thing. It’s also the hardest to do!

  3. Marilyn Miller says:

    Great tips from Dr. Poulos, thanks for posting Gay!
    (Now, I just have to straighten up and use them!)

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