Money-Saving Tips From Manny, The Frugal Pterosaur

PterosaurusThank you Alex Berg for this entertaining post!

Hi everybody! Manny the Frugal Pterosaur here- have you been looking for a way to make your dollars stretch a little further? Perhaps you want to squeeze a few extra pennies out of your paycheck to stow away for a rainy day? Well, look no further, friend- Manny the Frugal Pterosaur‘s got a snaggletoothed maw full of moneysaving tips to help you get the most bang for your buck!

  • You’ll spend less money on food if you purchase basic ingredients. Ready-made and Pterosaurusprepackaged items are more expensive (and less tasty!). To save even more money, try to use your gnashing teeth and aerial prowess to catch unsuspecting fish in rivers and streams.
  • To avoid late fees on your credit card bills, try to always pay 7-10 days in advance. If you want to save on postage as well, fly the bill to your credit card company yourself. That way, you avoid late fees and get a free vacation!
  • Utilities can be expensive. Try to save on heating costs by wrapping your wings around yourself to trap in body heat. Too hot? Spread your wings and watch the heat rapidly dissipate thanks to the intricate network of veins crisscrossing your thin, membranous wings!

That’s all for now, everybody! Remember- money isn’t free, but my advice is! This is Manny, the Frugal Pterosaur, signing off!

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