A Children’s Primer For Amoebas by Alex Berg

This blog post was resurrected from the deep well of Alex Berg’s old blog, Microanalysis. Thanks, Alex! You’re a life saver!

A Children’s Primer for Amoebas

  • AmoebaSee Moe.
  • See Moe’s amorphous body form pseudopodia.
  • Locomote using pseudopodia, Moe, locomote using pseudopodia!
  • Moe is hungry.
  • Hungry, hungry Moe.
  • Time for phagocytosis.


  • Watch Moe.Amoeba
  • Watch Moe grow.
  • Watch Moe’s DNA replicate.
  • Watch Moe’s outer cellular wall invaginate, splitting Moe into two daughter cells.
  • Watch Moe undergo cytokinesis.
  • Now there are two Moes.
  • Moe sees Moe.
  • See Moe See Moe.
  • Go, Moe, Go!

Thank you, Alex Berg for this fine post. Follow Alex @ActuallyBerg on Twitter.

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