Handling The Dog Days of Summer: A Practical Guide

The “Dog Days” is a term that refers the hottest, most oppressive days of summer. When Bo Obamathis term was first coined (2000 years ago) most dogs were pretty much the same. There are over 500 breeds of dogs now and innumerable mixed breeds. Do you know how to handle a Golden Doodle Day? Do you know what activity best suits a terrier day? Here’s some help:

  • Labrador Days– Laid back and slow-paced. Why not rock on the porch and read a good book?
  • Daschund Days– Very long in the middle. Drink lots of ice coffee to stay awake!
  • Rottweiler Days-These are the days when you feel hot, sweaty and short-fused. Get out the Slip and Slide!
  • dogGerman Shepard Days– Well-planned, productive days. Perhaps good days to raise a barn or clean out closets.
  • Pug Days- One of those days when everything seems funny. Great day throw a party!
  • Terrier Days– Frenetic and action-packed days. Best to go to an amusement park
  • Poodle Days– Absolutely perfect days! Enjoy feeling happy, intelligent, pampered & playful!
  • Portuguese Water Dog Days – Hot, humid days. Great day to spend at a lake dogswimming!
  • Mastiff Days– Hot, lumbering, sweaty much like the fifth day of a heat wave in NYC. Stay well hydrated and seek out air conditioning!
  • Greyhound Days– These days go by way too quickly. Make a list and stick to it!
  • Mixed breed– Usually a Friday. Work in the morning, golf in the afternoon, happy hour early evening, dinner and a movie at night.

How do you handle the dog days of summer?

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  1. Marilyn Miller says:

    Lab in my mind but terrier in reality, Gay!

    TerRUFFic post!

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