How to Make Sure Your Camp Care Package Arrives On Time!

Deluxe Camp Care PackageAre you sending off your first camp care package? Here’s few tips to avoid making rookie errors:

  1. Double check the camp address! Many camps have winter and summer addresses. Other camps only use a post office box for packages. Better yet, triple check that address!
  2. Give at least one extra day for delivery within the camp! If you need the package to arrive on a specific day….give a day or 2 leeway for the intracamp distribution. A typical scenario might be: camp picks up the mail in the morning, checks packages for contraband (really!) during the afternoon, then delivers to the camper before dinner. So that package that arrives at the PO Box in the afternoon, will not get to the child until the following day!
  3. USPS padded envelope camp care packageRead the care package policy carefully! More and more camps are altering those policies, so even if daily large packages were allowed last year, this year the camp could be limiting packages to once a week or only allowing flat packages.
  4. Include something the whole cabin can enjoy! A pack of embroidery floss for friendship bracelets, a card game, a Frisbee, water balloons…..We like to include ear plugs for the counselors!
  5. Respect your child’s camp’s taboo list! Fireworks, food, and electronics are at the top of the banned items list. Other no no’s frequently mentioned are gun-shaped objects (like water pistols) and cash.
  6. Don’t forget the gift message! Short and sweet is best!
  7. Expect UPS and USPS weather and remote location delays! If there are tornadoes in the Midwest, your package could be stuck in Saint Louis! If you child’s camp is on an island or in a remote location, even Priority Express could take an extra  day or 2!

Now that you have your merit badge in sending a camp care package, go out and send some love to your favorite camper today!

Camp directors and counselors, do you have any other suggestions?

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