A Dozen Wacky Things to Send To Your Kid at Camp

whoopee cushionSince I’m in the care package business I get to see first hand what parents like to send to their kids at camp. We sell plenty of premade care packages but it is in the build your own camp gift box section where I get inspiration for next year’s camp care packages!

Here are some of the most popular things parents send to their kids at camp:

  1. Zombie Sleep MasksZombie Sleep Mask
  2. Six Way Fake Mustaches
  3. Wind up Mice
  4. Remote controlled fart machines (we include battery & mini screwdriver)
  5. Whoopee Cushions
  6. Fake Dog Poop
  7. Classic Sounds Noise Makers
  8. Extendable Back Scratchers
  9. Rubber chocolatesgreat halloween prank
  10. Stress Weiners
  11. Googly Eye Luggage tags
  12. Rubber cockroaches, bugs, snakes, centipedes and jumping spiders.

funny luggage tagWhat are your favorite things to send your campers?

Mirth in a Box sells the funnest premade camp care packages! We also let you create your own custom care package! Try us! You’ll like us!

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