How to Write a Letter to Your Camper (That Might Get Read)

Sounds easy, huh? Not really. After the first letter of endless, probably never to be rebusanswered, questions (how’s the food? what are your bunk mates like? Is it raining?), it is pretty difficult to fill up that blank piece of paper. You child does not really want to hear about work, or mowing the lawn or what the dog ate but he/she does want to get some mail!

Why not send some silliness? My mother would send me complicated rebuses and sometimes would cut out a comic strip from comic stripthe newspaper (yes, that was a long time ago). She would also send me knock knock jokes! Or sometimes I might get a question,” Which side of the horse has the most hair?” The answer would come the following day (and the answer is….The outside!)

If you are feeling really creative you can make your little one a custom cootie catcher or create a dot to dot puzzle for that special child.

I tried these tactics on my own children with varying degrees of success.

I would also include fill in the blank letters with self-addressed envelopes. I’ll have some samples in next weeks post.

paper fortune teller

What do you write to your child at camp? Do you send emails or letters?

Mirth in a Box sells fun premade camp care packages. We also have a great selection of items for you to create your own special camp care package!

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2 Responses to How to Write a Letter to Your Camper (That Might Get Read)

  1. Marilyn Miller says:

    My kids would certainly read a letter if I wrote “Money enclosed” on the envelope!

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