If I Could Turn Back Time: My Dream Bachelorette Party

I wasn’t born old! Once upon a time I was young and somebody married me!The Lake

It was a hasty wedding, no shot gun involved, but slapped together in less than 2 months. No engagement ring or bridal shower, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, no wedding dinner or honeymoon!  Really. Do I regret the lack of fan fare? Not at all! However the one thing I would have really liked was a bachelorette party. So let me turn back time and plan my ideal bachelorette party. Don’t judge!

adirondack chairsAll my close friends gather at a cabin in the woods on a small lake. It’s a perfect early summer afternoon. The weather couldn’t be better- 75 degrees, sunny with a few wispy clouds. Wild flowers are abundant; insects, scarce.

6 to 8 of my closest childhood friends gather. We all have fast metabolisms. No one is lactose intolerance, gluten free or vegan. Beano in the medicine cabinet- just in case. We are all well rested and are not concerned that the phone lines don’t work.

We eat a quick but satisfying lunch- hot dogs topped sauerkraut, mustard & onions, a bag Weddingof potato chips, chased down with peanut butter milkshakes. We each have a dirt bike and head off for a long trail ride! We all get muddy but no bloody knees! Around 3:00 the temperature cracks 80 and we don our bathing suits (everybody looks fantastic with no cellulite or excess body hair in sight) and we head to the lake to rinse of the dirt take a leisurely swim Refreshed we head off to the bocce court. We enjoy a few laidback games (I lose miserably) enhanced by a cooler of chilled bottled beer, several bags of Doritos and a deep bowl of guacamole! We sit on the grass, eating, drinking, burping, laughing and watch the sun dip behind the trees. Just before the sunsets, our noses tell us that someone has been cooking dinner!  Well, well. A fairy godmother has laid out a spread of barbequed meats, corn on the cob grilled vegetables and roasted potatoes!  There a fire going in the fire pit so we can make S,mores for dessert. Of course we also have watermelon so we can have a ritual watermelon seed-spitting contest, which I easily win (practice makes perfect!) We linger around the table, and then someone brings out the cards & poker chips! We play poker for hours until someone suggests a midnight dip in the lake.

Wrapped in our towels we dry off by the fire. Then we settle in to our flannel lined sleeping bags (it is now cool enough for that), dim the lights and doze off one by one.

We all sleep soundly for a few hours and awake completely refreshed! Someone (fairy godmother?) has made an incredible breakfast spread and laid it out on the table: bacon, blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup, fried eggs over easy nestled in grilled onions, fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice and more bacon for dessert.

So that’s my dream bachelorette party. What’s yours?

Post script: Just after I wrote this there appeared the following article in the Sunday NY Times Style section http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/27/fashion/weddings/a-bachelorettes-night-or-four-to-remember.html?src=me. Guess it pays to dream big and have a well-paying day job!

Originally written for BetterThanRice.com. BetterThanRice.com is a wedding registry for the modern bride and groom!

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2 Responses to If I Could Turn Back Time: My Dream Bachelorette Party

  1. Marilyn Miller says:

    Mine was a trip to a Mets Game. We did this, and it was early May and there were snow flurries!
    We froze, but we had a great time. Lots of liquid refreshments to warm us!

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