Common Camp Care Package Restrictions: How To Avoid Rejection!

funny camp care packageDid you know more and more camps are restricting care packages? Yep. It’s true. Most camps prohibit any sort of food even Grandma Etta Super Duper Chocolate Chips cookies….or apples! Camp directors claim that food in care packages can attract unwanted critters-cockroaches, raccoons, even bears!

Food allergies is another reason food in incoming care packages is a no no. More and more children are developing food allergies. My children’s camp said that food in care packages led to ‘wide spread hysteria and diarrhea’ (perhaps an exaggeration).

At Mirth in a Box we took water pistols and confetti poppers out of our camp care packages because lots of camps ban anything that looks remotely gunlike.

Many camps limit the number of care packages a camper can receive. Some camps allow only one care package a session or one care package per week . Still other camps allow gifts only on the camper’s birthday. Reasons for limiting the number of care packages include storage problems (those tents are small!), environmental concerns (packaging!) and distraction from camp activities.

We also found many camps that limit gifts & toys to what can fit in to a 12” x8” USPS friendship bracelet care packagepadded envelope. Oh we had so much fun looking for items that fit! Some great things to put in a large envelope include: puzzle books, whoopee cushions, embroidery floss, sticker sets, and small inflatable beach balls. We have 5 USPS envelope care packages and are developing more!

Sadly some camps allow no care packages but don’t despair! Letters and postcards can be lots of fun. Include a few jokes! We have an entire Pinterest Board devoted to short jokes (most suitable for kids-use your judgement) and another for Knock Knock jokes! Please feel free to use them!

TELL US! What do you send to your kids at camp? What are your children’s camp care package restrictions? We want to know! Please reply in our comments section or on our Facebook page!

Enjoy your summer!

Mirth in a Box has a wide selection of fun pre made Camp Care Packages. If you’d like to design your own care package for your special camper, use our build your own feature. We’re always available should you have questions. Email Gay at

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4 Responses to Common Camp Care Package Restrictions: How To Avoid Rejection!

  1. Brian says:

    I had no idea of the restrictions some camps were imposing. Getting care packages was one of the most fun things while at camp! 🙁

  2. Matt Baier says:

    I never got care packages, but I never missed them. I was having too much fun at camp.

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