National Haiku Day (April 17th) Collides with Game of Thrones

Gay of Thrones Red WeddingI’m sorry. I meant to write something about National Haiku Day but all I am thinking about is “The Game of Thrones”. Last Sunday was the Purple Wedding (season 4 episode 2). I am still reeling. Please pardon my digression.

First let me include a famous haiku from the 18th century Japanese poet, Yosa Buson . I found this in The Rough Guide’s “Make the Most of Your Time on Earth”.

I cannot see her tonight.puffer fish
I have to give her up.
So I will eat fugu.

The 5 syllable/7 syllable/5 syllable form we Americans are used to did not survive the translation but who cares? It is a wonderful poem.

Here are my attempts at haiku:

Purple:violets, plumsRoses from Cipriani's Rose Garden
Lilacs, pansies, Barney, bruises
Lannister Wedding.

Red: Roses, Tulips
Tomatoes, lipstick, tired eyes,
Razor slip, Frey Wedding

And here is a very accurate and pretty funny recap of the Red Wedding from Funny Or Die:

Yes. I am related to the guy is the chair.

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Thanks to By Brocken Inaglory for the charming puffer fish photo via Wikimedia Commons.

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