The Kremlin’s Dirty Little Secret: Vladimir Putin Seeks Body Double

Vladimir Putin fishing without shirtMoscow

All eyes are on Vladimir Putin and while President Putin love the limelight, sources close to the Russian President reveal that he is seeking a ‘political decoy’.  The official reason is to keep the Russian President out of harm’s way but years of pirogues, late nights, and occasional diplomacy have been expanding Mr. Putin’s waistline faster than Russia is expanding its borders. Since the 61-year Putin is know for his manly physique and shirtless photos, his new double needs to be fit and pin up ready at a moment’s notice.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was temporarily in the running 490px-Arnold_Schwarzeneggerbecause he has an accent as well as acting experience but was quickly discarded after the bathing suit portion of the interview.

Several unknown bodybuilders of Eastern European descent are still in the running. Insiders claim that Mr. Putin, a mere 5’ 7”, refuses to consider anyone under 6 feet tall.

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Thanks Wikimedia for the great fishing picture!

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