3 Easy April Fools Day Pranks- Fake Vomit, Fake Poop & Fake Milk Splatter

Even though MirthinaBox.com sells fake vomit and fake dog poop, I thought it would be nice to get craftyFake dog poop from S S Adams at Mirth in a Box and see if I could actually make my own!

Fake Dog Poop: This is the simplest of fake dog poop ‘How To’s” that I found on line. Not completely realistic but who is going to get extra close to test the veracity of a pile of poop? Good for small kids. Instructions here.

Fake Milk Splatter: I love the Instructables website. You can find how to do just about anything on this site. This fake milk splatter is simple but needs to be done a day in advance of the planned prank. I was rushed so my splatter did not look very realistic. Take your time! Here’s how to make a fake milk splatter.

Gooey Fake VomitFake Vomit: There are endless recipes for fake vomit. I actually like the inclusion of oatmeal but this video is a must see! Two earnest little girls do a very nice job of explaining and video taping their fake vomit recipe and result. The ending is priceless. Watch!

What are some of your favorite April Fools Day pranks?

Mirth in a Box sells funny and unusual care packages. You may also buy our items individually or create your own gift box. For the pranksters out there, may we suggest the Remote Controlled Fart Machine?

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