An Ode to the Minibar

hotel balcony ocean viewI have always loved having a minibar in my hotel room. I might curb my indulgences every other day of the year but when I’m in a hotel, I like my snacks. And lots of them….and I’m willing to pay. A lot.

I first noticed mini bars were becoming extinct when scoping out my room in one of my favorite hotels in the entire world, The Huntington (which just changed its name to The Scarlet Huntington. Hmmmm). The last time we were there the mini bar had disappeared (and I looked everywhere!). The front desk told us it was to expensive to stock and pay electricity. Really? This article, Minibar Blues (from  The Economist) goes in to more detail. Argggg!!!!

My latest trip was to Wellington, Florida. After a harrowing late evening Hotel Minibardrive through town (was almost sideswiped by Mr. Magoo), I looked forward to plopping in bed and having a beer. Nope! No minibar and no room service at the Hampton Inn!. Bah!!!!

Sigh! My traveling trials moved me to write this poem:

Ode to a Minibar (with apologies to John Keats’ Ode to a Nightingale)

My feets ache, and a drowsy numbness pains
My head, as though of moonshine I had drunk,
Or emptied some dull opiate to the brains
One minute past, and my iPhone is junk,
‘Tis not my day- this travel- I am shot!
Oh get me to my inn and bed, relief
So soon to crack wee cold bottles of rums
But lo! Oh no! The minibar is not!
Full-throated, I call and air my beef.
I’m toss’d out. By the dumpster, with the bums.

Do you miss hotel minibars as much as I do? When was the last time you saw one (and tell me where so I can go visit)?

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