Got Chemistry? We’ve Got Some Jokes!

We are in our element with these Chemistry jokes:Chemist

  • A photon checks into a hotel and the porter asks him if he has any luggage. The photon replies: “No, I’m traveling light.”
  • An electron is driving down a motorway, and a policeman pulls him over. The policeman says: “Sir, do you realize you were travelling at 130km per hour?” The electron goes: “Oh great, now I’m lost.”
  • When I heard that oxygen and magnesium hooked up I was like, “OMg!”
  • The barman says: “We don’t serve faster-than-light particles here.” A tachyon enters a bar.
  • Never trust an atom. They make up everything..
  • Did you hear about the man who got cooled to absolute zero? He’s OK now.
  • Want to hear a Potassium joke? ‘K!

Do these jokes play well with non chemists? Let us know!

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5 Responses to Got Chemistry? We’ve Got Some Jokes!

  1. Brian says:

    AH! I hoped that OMg wasn’t covered yet when I clicked the link to your blog today! Well played! 🙂

  2. Matt Baier says:

    I liked the first one.

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