Two New College Care Packages for February Only

I believe February is the shortest month for several reasons: Reason number February COllege Care Packageone-if you aren’t madly in love it can be pretty annoying to see all the cheesy commercials for lovebirds on TV. Reason number two– if you are still on your New Year’s resolution diet (and your resolution is flagging), all the candy at the drug store can be pretty tempting. And reason number three? If you live in New England the snow, ice and damp cold seems endless.

February College Care PackageWhat to do? Send yourself or someone you love one of Mirth in a Box’s brand spanking new February college care packages!

When casting about for new themes for our gift boxes, I came up with I Love February and February College Care Package. What do you think?

Mirth in a Box sells care packages through out the year! Even during the summer!

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4 Responses to Two New College Care Packages for February Only

  1. Brian says:

    That toothpaste device is hilarious!

  2. Arline says:

    Fun gifts to cheer up college kids and to give to Valentines!

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