Pinterest Detective: 5 Favorite College Care Packages

Disclaimer: I am no expert on Pinterest! When I was told I needed to learn how to college athlete care packageuse it for business I clicked my heels and dove blindly in headfirst. My first Pinterest account is under Gay Gasser. I figured if I made a terrible pinning faux pas I better not do it as Mirth in a Box.

most Popular College Care Package on PinterestLast summer I created a Mirth in a Box Pinterest account and created boards such as Short Jokes, College Survival and Summer Camp that include pins (articles, etc.) about humor, college & camp along with-AHEM-care packages from

Well, well! Pinterest tells me who repins my pins. I most Popular College Care Package on Pinterestusually take a quick peek to see who repins our products. Using my keen powers of deduction, I found that the following College care packages were favorites among college students (in order of popularity):

How did I know these were college students repinning these care packages? Ha! If the repinner  had boards such as ‘My College’, Mom, Buy This for Me’, ‘Jello Shot Recipes’, ‘Prom Ideas’, ‘Sorority and Greek Life’ or ‘Tattoos I Want To Get’….I’m guessing college student!

Popular College Care Package on PinterestClueless about Pinterest? Check out my Pinterest boards at either Gay Gasser or Mirth in a Box.

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