Quiz: Are You Headed For A Holiday Meltdown?

Everyone acknowledges that the holidays brim are with stressors that can trigger misery, Christmas Meltdowndiscord or agitation. Many professionals suggest making detailed ‘to do’ lists to prevent a breakdown such as getting quality sleep, rehearsing reactions to stressful situations, frequently replenishing your systems with healthful snacks and, most importantly, avoiding alcohol and fattening foods.

Whaaaaat??? Why bother depriving yourself if you are not at risk for a psychotic break? Here’s a fun and easy way to determine the probability that you or a loved one will crash and burn during this holiday season. Relax and let us do the statistical analysis for you!

1. Were you ever spoken to in a cross manner as a child?
2. Did Santa ever neglect to bring you everything on your Christmas list?Santa falls down
3. Are you Jewish?
4. Do you have more than 2 cats?
5. If you are female, are you more than 5 pounds over your ideal weight?
6. If you are male is your hip circumference larger than your chest circumference?
7. Have you received fewer than 45 invitations to parties for the month of Dec?
8 .Do you plan to consume more than 8 cans of soup in the month of December?
9.  Are you repelled by jolliness?
10.  Has your SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) support group disbanded?
11. Are you a miserable, self-pitying whiner?
12. Are you ever thirsty?
13. Have you ever imagined your mailman naked?
14.  Has a dog ever growled at you?

If you have answered yes to any of the preceding questions, watch out!

Yes to 1-3 questions: You may need to consume more fresh fruits & vegetables and stick to white wine spritzers at parties.

Yes to 4-8 questions: Prepare for daily disappointment, weekly worry, acute anxiety and a whiff of chagrin.

Yes to more than 8 questions: Get on the couch and stay there for the entire month of December.

Mirth in a Box would not want anyone to be needlessly stressed this holiday season(especially if you scored 8 or higher on this quiz!). Please stay home and shop from the comfort of your favorite easy chair on our easy to use web site, www.MirthinaBox.com. There you will find wonderful gift boxes, great presents and the world’s best stocking stuffers! Enjoy!

Originally guest posted on LovetoFeel.org November 24, 2010.

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2 Responses to Quiz: Are You Headed For A Holiday Meltdown?

  1. Peewee Herman says:

    Totally guilty to number 13

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