Gay and Kate Make Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate Bark

One of the perils of Pinterest is the overwhelming amount of food porn. I collect all the

chocolate and pomegranate bark

Kate and Gay’s Bark

pretty pictures and recipes of treats I might make someday on a board called Play With Your Food but last week I saw a recipe for Pomegranate and Dark Chocolate Bark. I’ve always been a whiz at coating things with chocolate so this weekend aided by my youngest son’s girlfriend, Kate, I made this recipe straight out of the New York Times.

Only four ingredients: dark chocolate, pomegranate seeds, candied ginger and coarse sea salt. 

NY Times recipe pomegranat and dark chocolate bark

Here’s the professionally made, probably Photoshopped pomegranate bark from the NY Times.

Our first attempt turned out pretty well. It tasted great but looked a bit lumpy. We doubled the recipe (the original recipe called for only a half of bag of chocolate chips), probably added a tad too much candied ginger and we melted the chocolate in the microwave. Our main problem was the chocolate hardening before we could spread it out on the wax paper (we used that instead of parchment paper). We stuck the pan in the oven for a few minutes (200 degrees). Not sure if that did anything to help the cause.

It was FANTASTIC!!!!!

Pete, big show off that he is, whipped up a batch of chocolate covered ginger snaps and nuts after Kate and I were done with the bark. Those were pretty good too!

Has anyone ever made this bark recipe? Would love to hear how yours turned out!

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4 Responses to Gay and Kate Make Dark Chocolate and Pomegranate Bark

  1. Ed Reed says:

    I find food porn distasteful as I find it to objectify of food.

  2. Kate Athens says:

    Just ate some when I got home – still good!

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