4 Great Family Games to Play Over the Holidays

Dice GameWhat do we do at our house during the holidays? We eat, we read and we all play games! Here are some that I hope we’ll all be playing together this year:

FarkelI like this game because any number of people cam play it. The object is to acquire points by rolling the dice. The first player to get 10,000 points wins. Farkel is easy to learn.The official Farkel set comes with a study dice cup with rules printed on the outside. The dice cup is also used to store the dice,score pads and pencils. If a player needs to  drop out to tend to dinner, the game can still go on. This is a huge plus! Though there is some strategy, luck is most important making it good for fragile egos. Best for ages 12 and up but no reason younger kids can’t play.

Sprocket I have yet to play this game but ordered it for Mirth to carry because I’ve Sprocket Board gameliked the other games this company has . An abstract stragety game for 2-4 players. In years past we have played Cathedral, Quarto, and Paradux. I’m hoping this will become another favorite.

Bananagrams family word gameBananagrams and Double Banangrams I prefer Bananagrams over Scrabble during the holidays because  each Bananagrams game takes only 5-10 minutes(depending on number of players). If I miss one game, I can easily jump in to the next game. Regular Bananagrams is good for up to 7 players, Double Bananagrams works for up to 16 players. We own both.

Tip Over– From the people who brought us Rush Hour, This single player game includes TIpOver40 challenges from beginner to expert. Good for ages 8 and up. There is always someone curled up in a chair at our house playing this.

What are your family’s favorite games!!! I’m always looking for new games!

Mirth in a Box loves games! We sell individual games but we also have several care packages that feature games and puzzles like Game Night, Puzzling Package and Mind Games.

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