Tis the Season for Christmas Jokes!

Saturday-Evening-Post-Norman-Rockwell-cover-Christmas-Santa-with-Elves16 more days until Christmas!

  • How do you make a fool laugh on Boxing Day? Tell him a joke on Christmas!
  • What’s the best thing to give your parents at Christmas time? Your Christmas list!
  • What’s the difference between snowmen and snow ladies? Snowballs!
  • What do you call a gingerbread man with one leg? Limp Bizkit!
  • What comes at the end of Christmas Day? The letter Y!
  • What do you call a bunch of grandmaster of chess bragging about their games in the lobby of a hotel? Chess nuts boasting in an open foyer!
  • How to sheep greet each other at in December? Merry Christmas to Ewe or Season’s Bleatings!Chihuahua
  • How do sheep say Merry Christmas in Mexico? Fleece Navidad!
  • How do dogs say Merry Christmas in Tijuana? Fleas Navidog!
  • What’s the best thing to put into your Christmas cookies? Your teeth!

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