Keep on Smiling. Funny Thanksgiving Day Quotes

I guess the only perfect Thanksgiving dinners were at Norman Rockwell’s Freedom_From_Wanthouse.

    • On Thanksgiving Day, all over America, families sit down to dinner at the same moment – halftime.  Anonymous
    • Who knew the pilgrims liked football so much ? John Caponera

football game

  • I like football. I find its an exciting strategic game. Its a great way to avoid conversation with your family at Thanksgiving. Craig Ferguson
  • Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare.  They are consumed in twelve minutes.  Half-times take twelve minutes.  This is not coincidence.  Erma Bombeck
  • An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.  Irv Kupcinet
  • Thanksgiving is America’s national chow-down feast, the one occasion each year when gluttony becomes a patriotic duty.  Michael Dresser
  • Thanksgiving is a magical time of year when families across the country join together to raise America’s obesity statistics. Personally, I love Thanksgiving traditions: watching football, making pumpkin pie, and saying the magic phrase that sends your aunt storming out of the dining room to sit in her car. Stephen Colbert
  • You can tell you ate too much for Thanksgiving when you have to let your bathrobe out. Jay Leno
  • Thanksgiving, man.  Not a good day to be my pants.  Kevin James
  • My cooking is so bad my kids thought Thanksgiving was to commemorate Pearl Harbor. Phyllis Diller


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Norman Rockwell’s ‘Freedom From Want’ via

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