Good Grief! Oxymorons Once Again!

Oxymorons (a combination of words that have opposite or very different Dentist Sign in Indiameanings per Merrima- Webster Dictionary) abound in everyday speech. Here’s a few that I have com across recently:

      • Painless Dentistry– Yep. I guess novocaine helps a bit but getting the novocaine is anything but painless.
      • All Natural Additives– Seems to be on almost everything I eat.
      • Amtrak Schedule-Ha Ha Ha!
      • Half dead- Oh. I’ve truly have know this feeling.
      • Death benefits- Can’t see an upside.
      • Couch potato- I’ll take fries with that!
      • Light Heavyweight- ehhhh

Make my day! Send me some of your favorite oxymorons!

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