9 Great Gift Ideas for New Drivers!

What goes vroom, screech,vroom, screech, vroom, screech….? A New drivernew driver going through a flashing red light!

Ahhhh! Remember how exciting it was to finally get a bonafide driver’s license? Do you know someone who has just passed his or her driver’s test? Why not help mark that special occasion by sending a little something from Mirth in a Box?

We think any combination of these would be quite fun and functional:

  • new drivers licenseFiller Up Bank– As the coins pile up the gas gauge inches towards full!
  • Dashboard Monk-A calming influence for the agitated driver!
  • Dashboard ZombiePerfect for someone who tastes run towards the macabre!
  • EARring- I love the look and feel of this silicone ear!
  • Diamond Bling- This key ring looks like a giant diamond ring but doesn’t cost as much!
  • Mr. Tap Water Bottle– One of our 20 oz. aluminum water bottles that fits nicely in to the average cup holder.
  • Eco Ceramic Cup-I use this all the time! Fits in to my cup holder, ceramic is thick enough to keep my coffee warm and the silicone sleeve keeps my hand from burning!
  • Recoil Rewinder- Keeps cell phone cords (both hands on the wheel!) stored neatly so there is never and excuse to be without!
  • Popcorn Scented Air Freshener- A riffs on the ubiquitous pine tree air freshener!

Mirth in a Box sells funny & unusual gifts! We make gift giving fun!

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