Five Fun & Festive Halloween Recipes (and Easy Too!)

Werewolf Cupcakes, MirthinaBlog.comI would make every one of these recipes if I hadn’t eaten my way through Italy last month. Even my apron is too tight! I found some of these recipes on Pinterest (check out my boards Halloween and Play With Your Food for more) and some of from past blog posts.

Werewolf cupcakes– My daughter made these last year and they were a hit at her Halloween party. She thought they took 2x as long to make as she expected, but was still pleased with the outcome. My friend Alex also made these charming cupcakes and sent me pictures! Click HERE for recipe.

halloween treatNutter Butter Bats These look so silly! I think they would be very easy to make. Would someone please let me know what you think? I lived on Nutter Butters when I was a kid! Recipe link HERE.

White Chocolate Candy Corn Popcorn-Put on your elastic waist pants when you make this festive recipe! I love the look of this simple snack! Bet I couldn’t keep a bowl of this in the house for more than an hour! Click HERE for recipe and be sure to check out the rest of this great food blog, Bakerita, by West Coast college student, Rachel Conners!

Jello Worms Aghhhhh!!!!! These are so funny and should be really easy to make! Use straws to make worms out of your favorite gelatin flavor. Click on this link HERE to see a picture and get recipe. Got his from

Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold -This is from our blog 2 years ago. Emma Kirwan, now Zombie Brain  Gelatin MoldEmma Frisch, graciously made this for us. Emma has been a food blogger for years ( check out Cayuga Street Kitchen )and we hope to some SOON day see her recipes in a cook book! Get recipe HERE.

Have any favorite Halloween recipes? We’d love to see them! Planning on making any of the recipes above? Don’t forget to share and send photos!

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