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Breakfast Care Package: Think Outside the Cereal Box!

  According to the NDP’s Morning Mealscape2011 study  28% of males between 18 & 35 and 18% of females in that age group skip breakfast! Mirth in a Box decided to come up with a college care package that might coax … Continue reading

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I Told a Chemistry Joke… There was No Reaction!

Chemistry jokes are not Boron . They are elemental and here’s proof: How often does the chemistry professor make chemistry jokes? Periodically. What do you do with a dead chemist? Barium! Heard any good jokes about Sodium? Na. How did the … Continue reading

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Quotes About Cats vs Dogs

Good grief! Dogs and cats both have 4 legs, fur & eat from bowls on the floor. That’s were the similarities end. In order to keep a true perspective of one’s importance, everyone should have a dog that will worship … Continue reading

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Great Galaxies! Bill Nye the Science Guy on ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Did Bill Nye think ‘Dancing With The Stars’ was an astronomy show? Nope! According to Wikipedia (and other sources), Dr Nye is an ‘avid swing dancer’. Seriously! AND I read that this is not his first appearance on a TV … Continue reading

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Weekend Warriors: Canning Tomatoes Takes a Village!

Thank you, thank you, Marilyn Miller of United Obligations for this fantastic tale of your tomato canning weekend!!!! And now for something completely different: My grandfather, Giuseppe Maffucci, came from the town of Calitri in the province of Avellino, Italy … Continue reading

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