Ta Da! Movie Night College Care Package

Curtain up, light the lights! Applause builds…….movie night boarding school care package

Mirth in a Box presents Movie Night College Care Package! Make a stay at home night a party night with this fun box filled with plenty of popcorn and munchies, a coffee mug adorned with classic lines from your beloved movies and a movie clapper. There’s even a mock Oscar statuette to bestow on your favorite films and 2 razzers that make a very loud Bronx cheer for the cheesy scenes.

Mini Oscar for academy awards nightWhat could be finer? Maybe a home theater with surround sound….or a night in a front row seat for a Broadway show…..or Daniel Craig performing a monologue at an intimate party of your closest friends….but none of these could fit in a medium-sized box!

Mirth in a Box sells care packages for college students, boarding school students, the bedridden and anyone who needs a laugh.


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