International Bacon Day & Bacon Jokes

Did you know that International Bacon Day is the Saturday before Labor Day? Well, Bacon action figureneither did we! This little known holiday commemorates the most popular of the cured meats, bacon. We thought we’d help give bacon a group hug by posting a few bacon & pig jokes.

    • What do you call the bathroom in a pigsty? The hogwash!
    • What type of party did the Big Bad Wolf throw for the Three Little Pigs? A Swine and Cheese Party!
    • Why did the three little pigs fall asleep when their grandfather started talking? Grandpa was a boar!

Bacon Playing cards

    • What is a pig’s favorite position on a baseball field? Shortslop!
    • Why won’t anyone play soccer with a pig? Because the pig always hogs the ball!
    • What is the best card game for a pig to play? Porker!
    • How did the farmer know the fox was stealing his eggs? The pig squealed!.
    • And my favorite: Egg and Bacon walk in to a bar.  The bartender says,” We don’t serve breakfast here!”

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