Ah Ha Ha! Anagrams!

Anagrams [AN uh grams] are words and phrases formed by rearranging the letters of another, usually loosely related, word or phrase. We think they’re fun!

  • Debit card…bad creditCupcakes
  • Mother-in-Law….woman Hilter
  • Clint Eastwood….Old West action
  • Past due…date’s up
  • Public relations….crap built on lies
  • Frosted cupcake…..fructose-packed
  • Sequestration…senators quit
  • Short end of the stick…….
  • George Bush…He bugs Gore
  • Listen…silent

Check out Amazing Anagrams for more then send us some of your funniest anagrams!

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photo credit: barbara pottker via flickr.com

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One Response to Ah Ha Ha! Anagrams!

  1. Brian says:

    Those are FANTASTIC!

    Seriously…. I got out pencil and paper to check a few of those.

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