Magic Eight Balls: Distractions and Diversions

Lab Notes: Many people spend their lives searching for answers. They turn to drugs orFunny and prophetic gag gifts magic eight balls alcohol, snacks or crack, Tarot cards and crystals, palm readers and  phrenologists, astrology, and even psychiatry. Here at Mirth in a Box we have always relied on a Magic Eight Ball. Luckily for us there are many permutations of these astute life aides. We tested a trunkful! The original Magic 8 Ball was invented in 1946. It is a hollow plastic sphere with an icosahedral die floating inside. The user asks a question, shakes the ball and looks through a transparent window to read one of 20 answers. What could be simpler?

Testing: We tested the original Magic 8 Ball as well as some updated balls. We ran all the balls through random variables to calculate the geometric distribution of correctness coupled with the linearity of expectations. All signs pointed to the following: Affirmation Ball, Sarcasm Ball and Insta Excuse Ball. We sent three of our testers home on a Friday night with each of the balls, instructed each to not make any decisions without consulting the balls. To our delight, all three testers returned on Monday with relationships intact and reported better than average enjoyment of the weekend festivities.

Conclusions: The Affirmation Ball, Sarcastic Ball and Insta-Excuse Ball all met the required statistical parameters and all provided enough variety in their answers to give the asker deep and powerful insight into his or her life and guidance while navigating the treacherous waters of daily life. We have also began carrying Dr Freud’s Therapy Ball. Perfect gift for new business owners (no money and high stress)!

These outstanding oracles can be found in Mirth in a Box’s popular gift box, “Custom Comic Relief” or purchased individually.

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  1. Arline says:

    Ha! Who else except would test affirmation balls, sarcasm balls, inst excuse balls and therapy balls! Glad they are mirth-approved!

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