Why Louis CK Can Make a Living as a Comedian

Couldn’t resist sharing a few of my favorite Louis CK lines:

  • Louis CKKids are like buckets of disease that live in your house.
  • The meal is not over when I’m full. The meal is over when I hate myself.
  • I’m not motivated to entertain people through Twitter, so just by having Twitter and not saying anything, I make people mad.
  • I think I’m past any window where I’m suddenly going to become surprisingly ripped so that people go, ‘Oh, my God, what happened to you?’
  • Every day starts, my eyes open and I reload the program of misery. I open my eyes, remember who I am, what I’m like, and I just go, ‘Ugh…’
  • Farts are—I just refuse to be snobbish about certain shit with comedy. You know, farts come out of your ass and they make a fucking trumpet sound. That shit smelling gas comes out of your ass and it makes a toot sound. What the fuck is not funny about that? It’s perfect, it’s a perfect joke. It has all the elements.

Might the new prince George Alexander Louis have been named for this comic genius?

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Thanks to WikiMedia commons for the picture!

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