Proposed Budget For “Fort Awesome!” Construction Project

Gee thanks, Alex! We once again use one of your old blog posts from Microananlysis.Tree for Tree Fort

To whom it may concern:

Below is the itemized budget proposal for the materials required to construct Fort Awesome! as per the specifications outlined by the blueprints received by this office on 11/01/06. The budget does not include staple materials, such as nails and screws, nor does it include “secondary” costs, such as truck/van rentals which may be necessary to transport materials and crew to sight. Estimates for these figures will be provided by the foreman only after a final construction site has been chosen and a materials budget has been approved. It is the understanding of this office that as of the writing of this letter, the following sites are still being considered for the final location of Fort Awesome!:

  • The beech tree located behind turtle swamp
  • The rocky outcrop located due north of the Indian caves
  • The small clearing next to the creek behind Mrs. Robinson’s potting shed

Tree FortIn that the blueprints we have been provided with do not take into account the nuances in design needed to be made to accommodate each location, this budget is simply for materials needed to build the basic Fort Awesome! design. Again, budgetary amendments shall be the responsibility of the foreman and shall be provided at a later date.

-Mark Gonzalez

CFO, Totally Sweet Building Corporation



Fort Awesome! Proposed Budget

Structural Materials:

  • 4 pcs. 4×4 cut lumber, 18′ $23.85
  • 5 pcs. waferboard, 15’x20′ $18.50
  • 2 pcs. doorhinge $4.35
  • 1 pcs. cabinet handle $.85

Structural Materials Subtotal: $47.55

Decorative Materials:

  • 1 gallon black paint $32.40
  • 1 used throw rug $8.50

Decorative Materials Subtotal: $40.90

Miscellaneous Materials:

  • Water balloons $1.25
  • Assorted candies and chips $6.50
  • Comic books $15.00
  • Eyepatches $2.60
  • Assorted soft drinks $5.00
  • Cap guns $3.40

Miscellaneous Materials Subtotal: $33.75

Total Proposed Budget: $122.20

As an addendum, should the proposed budget be rejected due to insufficient funding, it is the intention of this office to generate additional revenue for use towards the construction of Fort Awesome! by selling lemonade and baseball cards on Penfield Road once the weather gets nicer.

Alex Berg once spent his summer in a tree house in Connecticut. He did try to sell lemonade to suppliment his life style, but was forced to close his stand due to competition from his younger sister, Liz, who could sell ice to an Eskimo.

Alex’s mother now owns Mirth in a Box. Mirth in a Box is an on line gift and care package company that is truly TOTALLY AWESOME! Got a camper, college student or kid at boarding school? Check us out!

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