“We Must Hurry”, Tom Said Swiftly: Tom Swifties

A Tom Swifty is a phrase in which the adverb is a pun that links back to the rest of the sentence. Huh? See examples below and send us some more!Light Sabers

  • “I do too have Jedi powers!” Tom said forcefully.
  • “I made the pep squad!” Tom said cheerfully.
  •  “Someone pass the Parmesan,” Tom said gratingly.
  •  “It’s the maid’s night off,” Tom said helplessly.
  • “It’s time for the burial,” Tom said gravely.
  • “Wow, that sure is a handsome man!” Tom said gaily.
  • “I only have diamonds, clubs and spades,” Tom said heartlessly.

We are always looking for more!

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