Decoding Real Estate Ad Terms

Ah the spring! As soon as the first daffodil blooms, the open houses begin. Here’s a Old House helpful guide to deciphering those flowery real estate ads:

Rustic Charm– snakes under the porch
Build Sweat Equity – house is not inhabitable
Quiet Neighbors – home backs to a cemetery
Waterfront– In a flood zone
Desirable Neighborhood – Extravagantly overpriced
One-Of-A-Kind – Ugly as sin.
Convenient– Rear yard abuts the throughway.

Got any more to add? Please send them my way!

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3 Responses to Decoding Real Estate Ad Terms

  1. Saul says:

    Rustic charm = door on second floor leading out to sloped roof?

  2. Matt Baier says:

    euphemism- a 16th century Greek word meaning “realtors only exaggerate when they move their lips.”

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