You Got What? Wedding Gift Disasters by Maribel Wright

Every bride is thankful for the wedding gifts they receive. Most of us agree that sharing Velvet painting of horsesthe wedding day with friends and family is more important than receiving gifts but sometimes you have to wonder…”What were they thinking”? If you’re attending a wedding and have decided to give outside the gift registry or the couple didn’t create a wedding registry, do avoid these potential gift disasters:

Art- Art, like beauty, is on the eye of the beholder. Avoid giving art.Yes, yes. Even if you made it yourself!

Super-Sized  Gifts- The newlyweds’ first home is usually small. Really small. We all know giving a giant present can be an ego boost for some people, but think before you buy that wicker credenza! I have a Thanksgiving serving tray has been stored under my bed because it doesn’t fit in any cabinet in my kitchen.

Single Serving Gift-You might not like who your friend is marrying but don’t give something they can’t both enjoy. An expensive box of cigars or a brand name purse is not going to help the couple build a home together.

Re-gifts- Re-gifting is tackier than a black velvet painting. Sorry you got stuck with that neon lava lamp but don’t try to pawn it off on someone else.

Hot Dog MachineUseless Appliances- You’re up at 2am watching QVC. Think that bread maker would make a perfect wedding gift? Stop! Put the down the phone and go to bed. These appliances will only serve to hold dust or make a great garage sale item one day: These turkeys are frequently found at garage sales: bread maker, hot dog maker, popcorn popper, quesadilla maker, pasta maker (Hey! That’s what I got Maribel!) egg cooker, rice cooker…you get the idea.

Maribel Wright is the cofounder of and a newlywed. sells fun gifts and care packages. Not the place for wedding gifts but we do have fun bridal shower gifts.

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3 Responses to You Got What? Wedding Gift Disasters by Maribel Wright

  1. Matt Baier says:

    Our worst wedding gift was a Russian serving set. It was wooden and painted a shiny burgundy color with orange and metallic gold details. There was a tall decanter and 6 matching shot sized cups on serving tray. It was awkward, ugly, useless, and I’m afraid it was expensive. It was hard to even GIVE it away at our yard sale. It’s not like we didn’t take the trouble to register and with some affordable options. The best gift was from my folks, a honeymoon in northern Italy. We’ll never forget it. Actually, in fairness, we’ll never forget the serving set either;-)

  2. Gemma says:

    This is the main reason why those getting married should really register! Make it easier on your guests… don’t let them guess or you’ll end up with a pile of things you don’t really need.

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